Rainer Funk

  • Is narcissism socially acceptable today?
  • Insights following Erich Fromm
  • Lecture

The term “narcissism” generally triggers negative associations, although the cult of the self is very much in vogue in our modern society: social media such as Instagram are used for personal self-expression, but entire groups such as companies or political movements also identify themselves through their own magnificence. However, the idealization of the self leads to everything foreign and different being devalued and treated with hostility. Is narcissism socially acceptable? Can people still come together in a narcissistic society, or does everyone end up fighting for themselves? Based on the narcissism theory of the famous philosopher Erich Fromm, Rainer Funk addresses these questions and analyzes the narcissistic tendencies in our society.

Dr. Rainer Funk has been working as a psychoanalyst in private practice in Tübingen since 1979. He completed his doctorate in 1977 on Erich Fromm’s social psychology and ethics and was Fromm’s last research assistant in Locarno in the 1970s.

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