Martin Korte

  • Long Covid - When the brain fog remains
  • Lecture

Exhaustion, brain fog, concentration problems: About ten percent of all corona patients complain of these and similar long-term consequences for months after infection, even after a mild course of the disease – even if those affected were previously young, healthy and high-performing.
Martin Korte shows which long-lasting symptoms a corona infection can cause, how it can be that with the brain an organ is affected that was usually not infected at all, to which chronic diseases and effects on the psyche this can lead, which people are most at risk and with which therapies and measures one can help the ill.

Martin Korte is Professor of Cellular Neurobiology and Director of the Zoological Institute at the Technical University of Braunschweig. His research focuses on the cellular basis of learning and memory as well as the processes of forgetting. In addition to his work as a scientist, he regularly gives public lectures for school principals, teachers, parents, students and politicians.

Foto: Marek Kruszewski

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