Ingo Schulze

  • The righteous murderers
  • Literature

How does an upright book lover become a reactionary – or a revolutionary?
Norbert Paulini is a respected antiquarian bookseller in Dresden, where book lovers have found treasures and like-minded people for decades. Even when times change, customers fail to come and the Internet brings competition, he tries to maintain his position.

But then the story takes a turn – and Paulini turns into an unforgiving person who is accused of being involved in xenophobic riots. A tragic figure? A murderer?

Ingo Schulze tells of Germany, of “East” and “West,” and pulls the ground of certainties out from under the reader’s feet. A story that lays false tracks and confronts us with false – or at least questionable – images of the GDR.

Ingo Schulze, born in Dresden in 1962, was a dramatic actor and newspaper editor after studying classical philology. He was awarded international prizes and received for Peter Holtz. Sein glückliches Leben erzählt von ihm selbst (2017) the Rheingau Literature Prize. His works have been translated into thirty languages.


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