Harry Potter Book Day

  • Opening Children's Book Festival
  • International Children's Book Festival, Party, Program for children

This year’s International Children’s Book Festival at the DAI Heidelberg kicks off with a celebration of Harry Potter Book Day! On this day, Harry Potter fans around the world celebrate their magical heroines and heroes of Hogwarts. The theme of the day is “Magical Places.” The Platform Nine Quarter, Hogsmeade, the Foxhole or the Ministry of Magic – there is much to discover. We will celebrate the day with a reading, quiz and party – please be sure to dress up!

Language: German / English
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Age recommendation: 5 – 11 years

Admission free, registration required: ies@dai-heidelberg.de

In the context of the International Children’s Book Festival

Foto: FF16 / pixabay.com

Admission is free.