Golineh Atai

  • The truth is the enemy
  • Why Russia is so different
  • In dialogue, Lecture

Since the “Anschluss” of Crimea, Russia has been reinventing itself: as a great power that speaks chauvinistically and acts aggressively.
This is the opinion of Golineh Atai, who has received many awards for her reporting from Moscow.

It explains the deeper reasons for a policy that is often barely noticed in the West, broken down into false comparisons or simply suppressed.
The truth is: Russia sees itself at war. And Russia’s aggression also exists in old and new global media, in cyberspace, in the economic area.

One of Russia’s best experts explains why Russia is openly challenging the global order – at a time when the continuation of that very order is uncertain.

Interview: Jutta Wagner or Jakob Köllhofer

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