From the tree?

  • Climate rescue between science and actionism
  • In dialogue

It is not only the American president who is counting on reforestation if a “Trillion Tree Act” is to soothe the green conscience of the USA.
But is more trees equal less CO2, a cleaner environment and a healthy climate? What is the scientific view of massive reforestation? What are the benefits of plastic waste fishing on the high seas? How do you distinguish between commitment and actionism? How scientifically and sustainably does climate protection work?

Dr. Frauke Bagusche, marine biologist, scuba diver and author of Das blaue Wunder (2019)
Prof. Dr. Eike Lüdeling, agricultural scientist and head of the Institute for Horticulture, University of Bonn

Joachim Müller-Jung, FAZ Science

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