Franziska Brantner MdB and Prof. Ekkehard Felder

  • "All lies"? - How politicians talk today"
  • Literature

Politicians are often accused of populism and agitation, but also of whitewashing and trivialisation. Informing, arguing and convincing has become more delicate before a basic tone of distortion and simplification.

What challenges do politicians have to face when they address a large, heterogeneous crowd of people? Which choice of words, which tonality conveys credibility? Are there self-imposed taboos? What linguistic reactions are required in political discourse when it comes to “hate speech”, breaking taboos and discrimination?

In conversation are Franziska Brantner, Heidelberg member of the Bundestag for the Greens, and the linguist Prof. Ekkehard Felder from the German Department of the University of Heidelberg, who also runs the blog Semantic Competitions – Like Language, Like Thought.

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