Daniel Schreiber

  • The time of losses
  • Literature

Uncertainty is on the rise in our time. Important aspects of life that have long been taken for granted seem to be disintegrating: Democracy, peace in Europe, a stable living environment. Many people have the feeling that they no longer have solid ground under their feet.

In his new essay, Daniel Schreiber takes a clear-sighted look at a central human experience that is shaping our present and pushing us to our limits: the loss of certainties and security. Based on the personal experience of his father’s death, he questions our private and social ability to grieve – and looks for ways to deal with a feeling that is often overwhelming. How do we deal with the awareness that something is irretrievably lost?

Daniel Schreiber, born in 1977, is a writer, translator and columnist. With his highly acclaimed books Nüchtern (2014) and Zuhause (2017), he has shaped a new form of literary essay. His book Allein (2021) was also a great international success.

Foto: Florian Hetz

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