Christoph von Marschall

  • What if Trump comes back?
  • Four strategies on how Germany can arm itself

Only a few months remain until the US election in 2024. So far, it looks like another duel between the “political dinosaurs” Joe Biden (81) and Donald Trump (77). Biden’s advanced age represents a risk for the Democrats and an opportunity for the Republicans. A return of Donald Trump to the White House would pose enormous challenges for Germany and Europe. But they are suppressing the danger. They could act now to reduce the risks.

USA expert Christoph von Marschall reported from the USA under three presidents (George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump) between 2005 and 2018 and is observing the government under Joe Biden from Germany. Directly after Super Tuesday of the upcoming presidential elections, which will decide which presidential candidates will be sent into the race, von Marschall will talk in his lecture about how Germany and Europe can prepare for the election year 2024 and what the possible outcome of the US election means for transatlantic relations.

Dr. Christoph von Marschall is Diplomatic Correspondent to the Editor-in-Chief at the Tagesspiegel, an award-winning journalist and author of Was ist mit den Amis los? and Wir verstehen die Welt nicht mehr. More familiar with events in the USA than almost anyone else, he takes a refreshingly clear stance and always offers an analysis that is confirmed by reality.

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