Christian Mölling

  • Conflicts of the (not too distant) future
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No area of modern life remains untouched by AI and other new technologies, not even the military. Current conflicts still suggest traditional tank and infantry battles. Only in the margins of the Ukraine war do we hear about the importance of new technology and how it is defining a new battlefield. But what does AI mean in war? What role does robotics play in the new types of conflict that are emerging today and what does this mean for the people involved – soldiers and civilians? What does this mean for our security, for legal protection (Geneva Convention)? Are we on the threshold of an era of cyber war?

The dimensions of the changes are serious. Only an unvarnished analysis can help.

Dr. Christian Mölling is Deputy Director of the Research Institute of the German Council on Foreign Relations and Head of its Centre for Security and Defence. He previously worked at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, in the Security Policy Research Group of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg.

Foto: DGAP

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