The engineered man?

  • A Philosophical Diagnosis - Part I
  • Wilhelm Reichart
  • Lecture

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Technology has always been a tool for humans to sustain and facilitate life. Nowadays, however, mechanization has taken on an extent that can already be described as infectious. Keyword: digital transformation through artificial intelligence. In addition to the ethical questions raised by artificial intelligence technology, there is also the existential question of the replacement of the human individual by a solitary superintelligence. The decisive factor is not how realistic this replacement is, but whether humans would agree to it.

Philosopher Wilhelm Reichart is a consultant in his own philosophical practice and is the author of Vom freien Menschen – Fünf philosophische Reden (2018).

With follow-up discussion on “The engineered human – human technology?”

In the series Praktisch Philosophie?


Free of charge in livestream