Rhythm, flow and focus – following your own rhythm

  • Inga Bachmann
  • Workshop

Finding your own voice and stillness. Experience stillness and movement. Follow your own rhythm and find your way into the common rhythm. Using various body-centered exercises – individually and in the group – self-awareness and concentration are strengthened in this workshop. The focus is on the playful introduction to various techniques that can also be used at home and “clear the mind” for more clarity, creativity and energy and for a better body awareness.

Inga Bachmann has been a freelance trainer, coach and mediator, songwriter, poet and singer since 2009. As a trainer her main topics are mindfulness, conflict management, communication and presentation. In favor of personal development in collaboration with other people and creative work on her own works, she has happily left behind her former profession as a lawyer.

Registrations under: library@dai-heidelberg.de

Course fee: €75,00 (members €65,00)

Course duration: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled.