Michael Schmidt-Salomon

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  • The modern world view and who we owe it to
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We live in a complex world in which it is easy to lose track of things. Faced with a flood of information, how do we manage to draw the right conclusions, categorize and understand events? Are there any insights that are central to a modern, enlightened view of the world – and if so, who came up with them? In his new book, Michael Schmidt-Salomon presents some of the most important thinkers in history and shows what we can learn from them in order to master the challenges of the 21st century.

Dr. Michael Schmidt-Salomon is a freelance philosopher and author as well as co-founder and chairman of the Giordano Bruno Foundation. His books on the philosophy of “evolutionary humanism” have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have been translated into several languages. Among them: Relax! (2019), Die Grenzen der Toleranz (2016), Hoffnung Mensch (2014), Keine Macht den Doofen (2012), Leibniz war kein Butterkeks (with Lea Salomon, 2011) and Jenseits von Gut und Böse (2009) as well as the Manifesto of Evolutionary Humanism (2006).

In cooperation with the Secular Humanists GBS Rhein-Neckar e. V.

Foto: Udo Ungar

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