Marcus Imbsweiler & Timo Jouko Herrmann

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Four years ago, Local Monday gave rise to a new series on music: Musical Sunday. In Sunday matinées, Marcus Imbsweiler and Timo Jouko Herrmann take an in-depth look at pieces of music, explain compositional tricks and shed light on the lives and eras of the composers. The audience is surprised time and again: by insights into Mozart and politics or Fanny Hensel and the pandemic. The spectrum is international, with space given to famous compositions as well as those that are better known to enthusiasts.

The lively and musicologically sound discussions have resulted in a book, which is presented here in Local Monday – in dialog, of course.

Marcus Imbsweiler is a musicologist and writer; he publishes novels and short stories. Timo Jouko Herrmann is a composer, violinist and guest conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra.

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