Marcell Henry

  • School as a place of potential development
  • Lecture

How can we structurally and pedagogically shape attitudes and relationships in schools so that education for a successful life can happen?

What do you want to be when you grow up? What talents and gifts lie dormant in you? This is a question that concerns young people and parents. But the school subject “I” has not yet found a place in the curriculum. Many school leavers and career starters feel disoriented in a confusing job market. There is a lack of ‘hands-on’ role models – adults who work in partnership and help young people to discover what they are capable of and where they can put this to good use. That is what the Hero Society is for. It brings inspiring role models into school classes and thus creates places where potential can be developed – for 15 years, with over 50,000 students.

Marcell Heinrich, qualified educator, social entrepreneur and founder of the Hero Society, presents how growing up in the 21st century can be successful.

In the series Schule Neu Denken

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