Heike Niemeier

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Humans cannot NOT eat and not a day goes by without decisions about our diet. But the more we think about our food, the more options there are for a healthy, the right diet, the more we seem to lose our “healthy” gut feeling – the more we do wrong, a vicious circle.

Hardly any other area of life is as hotly contested as our diet: there is no escaping new slogans, trends and superfoods. But what is essential for a healthy diet? What belongs in the shopping trolley, what goes on the table and why?

Dr. Heike Niemeier wisely guides us out of the numerous contradictions and shows that, above all, a sensitive perception of our own needs helps us to find our way.
A virtue that is in danger of being forgotten: Follow your guts!

Heike Niemeier has a doctorate in ecotrophology and is a nutritionist. She lives in Hamburg and works throughout the German-speaking world as a nutritionist. In workshops, training courses and lectures, in companies, as an expert on television, but also in personal consultations, she helps people to improve their health and well-being through nutrition.


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