Duo Conny Bauer and Louis Rastig

  • Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI
  • Concert

Conny Bauer and Louis Rastig have been playing as a duo on and off for many years. Both are masters of improvisation. Their musical dialogue is characterized by joy of playing, curiosity and a clear dramaturgy in which each remains true to his very own style. Conny Bauer, born in 1943, is one of the most important European trombonists and counts among the protagonists of free jazz in the GDR. He played in the Modern Soul Band, with FEZ, Doppelmoppel and the Zentralquartett, among others. Louis Rastig, born in 1987, is a composer and pianist in the fields of avant-garde jazz/rock, improvised music and film music.

Conny Bauer – trombone
Louis Rastig – piano

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Admission: 16 Euro (normal) or 14 Euro (reduced)
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