Cihan Acar

  • Hawaii

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These are the hottest days of the year, dog days that some believe bring severe calamity. Kemal Arslan walks through Heilbronn, a soccer star who, after an accident, has to end his career and start all over again.

Uninvolved, he stands around at a Turkish wedding, goes to a strip joint and a betting shop, gets caught in the middle of a street fight between right-wingers and migrants, meets his ex-girlfriend Sina and visits his parents, who, like most Turks in the city, live in Hawaii, a problem district with run-down high-rises and rough street life that has absolutely nothing in common with a vacation paradise.

Cihan Acar tells the story of two days and three nights of a young man, in which he passes through all the stages of illusion, longing and loneliness. A book about all the homeless, night creatures and romantics who live in the in-between.

Cihan Acar, born in 1986, studied law in Heidelberg and lives in Heilbronn. His most recent books are about hip-hop and the Istanbul soccer club Galatasaray. Hawaii is his first novel.

In cooperation with the Muslim Academy Heidelberg i. G. – teilseiend e.V.