Arno Caménic

  • golden years
  • Literature

For 51 years Margrit and Rosa-Maria have been running their kiosk including petrol pump and illuminated advertising. The kiosk is the central point in the village and everyone comes to see them: the celebrities from the boulevard and the Tour de Suisse, swindlers as well as film stars. But what they like best are the newly-loved ones. With Margrit and Rosa-Maria, what their hearts desire goes through the filing system and in return they hear what moves their hearts.

Arno Camenisch tells of a world in transition. Like an archaeologist he uncovers stories and history. “It’s enough to make you cry when things disappear, but not when Arno Camenisch writes about them,” Roman Bucheli told the NZZ.

Arno Camenisch, born 1978 in Graubünden, writes poetry, prose and for the stage in German and Romansh (Sursilvan). His texts have been translated into over 20 languages, and his readings have taken him to Hong Kong and Moscow, to Buenos Aires and New York. He lives in Biel.