Anatol Regnier & Dominik Graf

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Was it possible to maintain integrity as a writer in National Socialist Germany?

With a light touch, Anatol Regnier links the biographies of Hans Fallada and Erich Kästner, Agnes Miegel and Ina Seidel, Gottfried Benn, Hanns Johst and Will Vesper – writers in Nazi Germany – and sheds light on their balancing act between adaptation and artistic integrity under the conditions of the dictatorship. Opportunists and economic knights are included, but also authors who only wanted to do their work and tried to remain morally clean. The stories are surprisingly contradictory and depict the entire spectrum of human behavior in the Third Reich. Director Dominik Graf filmed the book as a documentary.

Anatol Regnier, son of Pamela Wedekind and Charles Regnier, is an author, chanson singer and classical guitarist. He was awarded the Ernst Hoferichter Prize in 2005 and the Schwabing Art Prize in 2012.

Dominik Graf is a German film and television director and winner of the German Television Award as well as multiple winner of the Grimme Award.

In the series History Telling


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