World Oceans Day

  • Discover, understand and protect the oceans
  • The online action day for the whole family
  • Program for children

All over the world, World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June. Because of the Whitsun holidays in Baden-Württemberg, the DAI is celebrating it a little earlier this year. All events can be found here in our World Oceans Day Playlist on YouTube.

With an online action day for the whole family we dedicate ourselves to the topic “Discover, understand and protect oceans”: We inform about the many different aspects and global challenges of this threatened ecosystem and show what each individual can contribute to save the oceans and work for a better future.

You can now find this program in the YouTube playlist:

1. greeting from Checker Can
2. “Discover the oceans” with marine biologist Dr. Annette Scheffer & Conor O’Brien How do you become a marine biologist & what exactly do you do? Get to know & protect the oceans: Antarctica & penguins, whales & dolphins, plastic in the ocea

3. ocean book reading meet a giant squid.
4th Experiment: Water pressure One bottle and 3 holes – what will happen?
5th Storytime with Conor (English

6th experiment: Creating waves yoursel

7th Ocean Bookreading II Colleen reads “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni
8th Ocean Story Workshop
9th Oilspill experiment: How to remove oil from the sea?
10th Ocean in a Jar If you can’t go to the sea, bring it home

11. the big ocean quiz with great prize draw!
12. singalong with Conor (English) Conor takes us with him with his yellow submarine
13th EMBL – Exploring the Oceans Accompany the scientists from the famous EMBL research institute (Heidelberg) on the research vessel TARA to learn more about microscopic life in the world’s oceans.

Language: German/English

You can watch the World Oceans Day again in our playlist on YouTube. – Click here for the channel.

Materials from EMBL Heidelberg:

Our partner, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, has prepared in-depth material for you, especially on microplastics & plankton

Here you can download the Plankton painting templates.

And here you can download the exciting PDF exhibition about the Tara Ocean Expedition.

Logo EMBL – ideas on paper:
Here you can download the instructions for the Origami Pottwal.
The video tutorial can be found here.

Our big ocean quiz:

Until 04 June you can take part in our big ocean quiz and win great prizes!
All questions and answers can be found here again.

If a question is too tricky, check out the ocean interview with marine biologist Annette Scheffer and Conor on YouTube.
Please send us your solutions until June 4th, 12 noon by e-mail to info@dai-heidelberg and don’t forget your name and age.
We wish you good luck!

Plastic Art with Mr. Mark contest:
Don’t forget to take part in our Plastic Art Contest until June 4th to win a really cool ocean package! Send your art piece to
DAI Heidelberg
Mr. Marks Art Contest
Sofienstr. 12
69115 Heidelberg
We are looking forward to your sea dwellers – good luck!