Luisa Neubauer

  • Of the end of the climate crisis? How to succeed in change?

The well-known climate activist and co-organiser of the Fridays for Future movement in Germany, Luisa Neubauer, is taking politics to task. It is important to see the connections between the corona and climate crisis and to seize the opportunity to shape change. Already in the book “Vom Ende der Klimakrise?”, written together with Alexander Repenning, she has tried to formulate a position for sustainable climate policy that builds bridges in politics and society. The activists of Fridays for Future want to be more than just a protest movement. They proved that on April 24th when they also organised the climate strike online. How and if the change in the climate of crisis can succeed, Luisa Neubauer wants to discuss with Milena Brodt and Matthias Kutsch.

Luisa Neubauer in discussion with Milena Brodt (trade union secretary IG-Metall) and Matthias Kutsch (Chairman Europa-Union Heidelberg and local council)

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