Wolfgang Schorlau

  • Kreuzberg Blues
  • The struggle for the right to housing
  • Literature

Wolfgang Schorlau, a master of the political novel, and his famous private investigator, Georg Dengler, enter the midst of the modern Berlin housing struggle over the right to live.
Real estate sharks who want to get rid of their tenants with criminal methods, shady building contractors who want to do business between prefabricated buildings and at the expense of kindergartens, and militant tenants who won’t give up.

Kreuzberg Blues combines an exciting crime story with the “housing struggle” around housing shortage, housing market and housing policy.
Where does housing end and crime begin?

Wolfgang Schorlau lives and works as a freelance author in Stuttgart. He was awarded the German Crime Prize in 2006 and the Stuttgart Crime Prize in 2012 and 2014.

In the series Werde Mensch?

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