Viking Day with Checker Julian

  • Living history
  • Program for children

Horned helmets, huge dragon boats and bloodthirsty raids for which they sometimes traveled very long distances – this is a common image that has been preserved of the Vikings. But who were these Scandinavian seafarers, who spread fear and terror between the 790s and the twelfth century, really? What was their motivation, what constitutes their culture, what was everyday life like for women and children?

On Viking Day, children as well as adults can learn more about the famous Norse in a lecture. A big Viking quiz has great prizes in store.
At various stations in the DAI library, children and parents can explore runes, dragon boats and other special features of Viking culture.

With: Julian Janssen, known from the KIKA show Checker Julian
Moderation: Dr. Viola Skiba, project manager of the cultural-historical special exhibition “The Normans”, Reiss-Engelhorn Museums Mannheim

Ticket Prices (plus fees)

Children 5 €
Adults 6 €

Box Office at a premium