Ijoma Mangold

  • The orange pill
  • How Bitcoin is changing our world
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In the movie Matrix, the hero has to decide whether to swallow the blue or the red pill; the blue one makes him forget, the red one makes him realize the truth about the world. Based on this, the Bitcoin is called “the orange pill”, because whoever deals with it becomes aware of the power of Wall Street and the central banks of our world. And Bitcoin promises liberation from this: it is independent of central authorities and cannot be manipulated by them.

Mangold passionately and knowledgeably describes how even he, the literary critic, fell for the fascination of Bitcoin and why it is not just a digital currency, but a system of freedom and justice.

Ijoma Mangold is a journalist, literary critic and author. After five years as literary editor of Die Zeit, he is now the cultural and political correspondent there. In the seclusion of the lockdown, he immersed himself in the Bitcoin universe. Since then, he has seen our world differently – and explains in his book why we should, too.

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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