Raoul Schrott

  • A story of the wind or of the German cannoneer who circumnavigated the earth for the first time and then a second and third time
  • Literature

What an adventure! Hannes from Aachen was the first to come all around the world. 500 years ago he set off for the Spice Islands with Magellan’s fleet – and into the unknown. Mutinies, shipwrecks, man-eating – just to get carnations. In the end, only 18 sailors survived, including Juan Aleman. That he set out for a second and even third circumnavigation of the world is all we know about him.

Raoul Schrott has travelled after this minor figure of world history, giving his Simplicissimus on the high seas a whole life.

Schrott translated the Iliad as well as the Gilgamesh epic anew. First Earth. epic he describes in poetic language the scientific knowledge of our time. With the support of the Federal Cultural Foundation, he is currently working on the Atlas of the Starry Skies project, which will be published in autumn 2022.

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