First the facts, then the morals.

  • Why politics must begin with reality
  • Boris Palmer.
  • Lecture

“Why is politics so fond of following moods and too rarely following reality? What are the obstacles to fact-based debate and decision-making?”

In Brussels or Berlin, decisions are often made that have little to do with local political reality. Boris Palmer, Lord Mayor of Tübingen for the past twelve years, uses many concrete examples – from housing shortages to air pollution control, from energy turnarounds to German security mania, from crime to climate change – to show why wishful thinking so often governs politics today, not the analysis of facts. At the same time, it offers proposals on how reality can once again become the basis for political action. The polemic of a passionate green man, who aligns his actions with reality.

Boris Palmer, born in 1972, was elected Lord Mayor of Tübingen in 2007 at the age of 34 – and confirmed in office for a further eight years in 2014 with 61.7 percent of the votes. In 2017 his book We Can’t Help All appeared, which became a bestseller.

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