Philosophy and laziness

  • "I can't stand lazy people!" - "Why? We're not doing anything."
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Laziness has long been condemned: If you’re lazy, you don’t contribute. Does work-shyness indicate bad character? Or do we live in times when doing nothing often proves less harmful than (almost) everything else?
Is laziness the new virtue? Against haphazard social acceleration, climate change as well as against personal burnout and the waste of life on work?
Laziness, leisure and serenity have always been topics of philosophy. Annika Schlitte, Tobias Keiling and Thomas Arnold join you in thinking about laziness, work and the meaning of life.

Prof. Dr. Annika Schlitte, Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture, University of Greifswald.
Dr. Tobias Keiling, research assistant at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bonn.
Dr. Thomas Arnold, research associate at the Department of Philosophy, University of Heidelberg

In the series Praktisch Philosophie!

In cooperation with the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship.

The event will take place free of charge at the DAI Heidelberg and parallel online in the free dai HOME Livestream on our YouTube-Channel. Click here to go directly to the livestream.

Admission is free.