Guns, Abortion and Politics

  • Is American Constitutional Adjudication Bankrupt?
  • Daniel Halberstam & Christoph Möllers
  • In dialogue

Daniel Halberstam and Christoph Möllers discuss current developments on the U.S. Supreme Court and the problems they pose.
Appointments under Donald Trump, as well as a narrow majority in the Senate, have led to conservative supremacy on the Court. The latter has struck down gun laws, abolished the constitutional right to abortion, and given states a free hand in drawing electoral districts that favor a particular political party. The discussion will highlight the political significance of these developments, the methodology on which recent court decisions are based, and whether jurisprudence is sustainable under the current approach.

Christoph Möllers is Professor of Public Law and Philosophy of Law at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Daniel Halberstam is Professor of Law at the University of Michigan and an internationally recognized expert in constitutional law.

Language: English
The subsequent discussion can be held in English and German.

In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

In the series Democracy

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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