Fabian Scheidler

  • The stuff we are made of
  • Why we need to rethink nature and society
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Ecological crisis and climate chaos threaten the future of mankind. One of the causes is a technocratic worldview that degrades nature to a controllable resource in the hands of man. In a fascinating journey through the history of science, Fabian Scheidler shows that this view of nature is a fatal error. With a surprising new look at life, science, and ourselves, this book opens perspectives for profound social change.

Fabian Scheidler studied philosophy and history. As a publicist, he has been writing about global justice for many years and was awarded the Otto Brenner Media Prize for critical journalism. In 2015, his book Das Ende der Megamaschine. History of a Failing Civilization, it was translated into several languages. The follow-up book Chaos. The New Age of Revolutions reached No. 11 on Spiegel’s bestseller list for economics in 2017. It was followed in 2019 by Die volle und die leere Welt. Essays and Images and, as editor, The Struggle for Global Justice. 2021 saw the publication of The stuff we are made of.


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