Elisa Klapheck

  • Political theology of Judaism
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The political theology of Judaism represents a conception of a God who is capable of the political – who thus does not find his highest effect in a theocracy, but attains his validity in the process of negotiation with human beings.

Elisa Klapheck’s multifaceted interpretations show the richness of this tradition. In doing so, they shed light on the political-theological positions of current debates, such as questions about the shape of the egalitarian constitutional state. The Diaspora becomes a model of pluralistic globalization, and even the principle of women’s and minority rights can be grounded in the reservoir of ideas of Judaism, which proves remarkably relevant for orientation in current political crises.

Elisa Klapheck is rabbi of the synagogue community “Egalitarian Minyan” in the Jewish Community in Frankfurt a. M. and professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Paderborn. Since the 1990s, she has been committed to a renewal of the Jewish religious tradition.

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