Chili Culture Festival

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This colourful evening organised by Casa del Sol e. V., which has already been a success in Mainz, will be a feast for the eyes, the ears and for the taste buds! The chili pepper, with its unique spice, plays an important role in many cuisines around the world. This evening, we’ll see how the chili connects culinary spheres from around the globe.

The expert Alexander Hicks will present his plant collection, demonstrating the chili varieties which grow in Germany. Further highlights include a presentation of the recently published, “Chilli, Integration mit Geschmack”, traditional dances and a photo exhibition.

Culinary specialities, both mild and spicy, from various countries around the world, will serve as the basis for the evening’s events. A particular highlight will be the, “Pisco Chili”, from barkeeper Christian Herrmann, a chili-infused cocktail with a Peruvian Pisco chili base.

“Chili is a good example of successful integration.” says Cecilia Laca Sánchez, leader of the project, “Integration mit Geschmack”, “thanks to immigration, the chili plant has established itself in the German kitchen.”

Language: German

Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Ticket office: 17:30
Seating cannot be guaranteed if tickets are purchased on the evening.

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