New Teen Dramas in the Young Writers’ Room

  • “Now we’re doing our own thing”
  • Workshop, Writer's Room

In October, a series of workshops, set to run over a period of two years with the participation of 25 young people aged 16 and above, will commence. The chosen participants come from five schools located in the Northern Baden region. The writers will be divided into groups in the Writers’ Lab, and each will develop its own storyline.

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for talented young people, who use writing as an outlet for their own creative expression.

Once a month, the young participants will benefit from a day-long workshop led by a tutor experienced in the “Writers’ Room” methodology. Each group will maintain the momentum of their writing process by organising their own meetings outside of the Writers’ Room Lab. Between the individual workshops, the participants will receive input from their tutor via E-Learning.

Prize-winning examples of teen dramas from the USA and Europe will be analysed and the groups’ own concepts will be measured against them.

Language: German