The meaning of life

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Germans consider freedom to be the greatest good, ranking it above other important values such as justice, equality and security. “The meaning of politics is freedom”, according to Hannah Arendt. However, an increase in illiberal tendencies can be observed worldwide. Is an increasingly complex world prepared to accept restrictions on freedom? And how do we regulate the balancing of our freedom against the freedom of other people – including future generations, for example? What about our freedom of will and what does freedom mean for us and our lives? Not being ruled by anyone or anything – that sounds good, but it can mean hard work.

The annual conference explores the topic of “freedom” from different perspectives. Experts from fields such as history, philosophy, art and psychology present case studies to discuss fundamental questions of meaning.


The event will be postponed to 20.04. Ticket sales for the new date will start shortly. Thank you for your understanding.

Foto: Gemeinfrei