Philosophy and engineering

  • First you get it, then you construct it?
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The concept of “engineering” has now spread far beyond mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering.
Objects of extended engineering are now also said to be society (“social engineering”), concepts (“conceptual engineering”) or the whole climate (“climate engineering”).
From the perspective of the “engineer”, almost everything looks like a quickly solvable challenge. But how dangerous does it become when technical thinking is transferred to many non-technical areas and when the respective actors overestimate their ability to control the problems?

Why does technical thinking spread? Where is it appropriate and where is it problematic? Can we design and control technology, environment and society?

Dr. Thomas Arnold, Department of Philosophy, University of Heidelberg
Dr. Judith Kreuter, political scientist, Mannheim
Dr. Nils Matzner, Munich Center for Technology in Society, TU Munich

In the series Praktisch Philosophie!

In cooperation with Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship.


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Foto: Jon Tyson on Unsplash