• 21st International Festival of Silent Film and Live Music
  • Musical accompaniment: Syriab & SIGA (Arabic music)
  • Festival, Film

Directed by F.W. Murnau, Germany 1926, 100

Driven by the desire to put a stop to the plague in the city, Faust calls upon the evil spirits for help and is heard by the devil Mephisto. He offers him special powers for a trial day, with which he can cure the plague and become young again himself. Faust agrees. What he does not know, however, is that Mephisto has made a bet with the archangel Michael, in which Mephisto has wagered to be able to seduce Faust for the possession of the earth. He fulfills Faust’s every wish, who is increasingly driven by greed for youth, lust and passion, and eventually extends the contract beyond the trial day in exchange for his soul. When he meets and seduces the young, innocent Gretchen, he sets in motion a wave of tragic events through which Faust begins to realize what is really important to him….