something extra

DAI - Großer Saal

  • yale?s premier all-female a cappella group
  • Konzert

Since 1977
the ladies of something extra have shared
their unique style of music with audiences
from the nearby northeast
to the north of france,
from the beaches of jamaica
to the shores of lake michigan.
from the smallest cocktail party to the largest
convention, something extra has the
experience and talent
necessary to have a great a-capella-night.

a cappella at yale
A Cappella at Yale is more than just
an extracurricular. It?s a lifestyle.
Among 14 very different groups
on campus, Something Extra has
gained a reputation for excellent
musicality and a very diverse repertoire.
Each year, about 18 Yale freshman,
sophomores and juniors, typically
selected during a very intensive
audition process at the beginning of
their freshman year, take time out
of their busy academic schedules to
become a part of Something Extra?s
continually growing musical legacy.
Over their three years in the group,
members will record CDs, rehearse
inumerable hours and sing concerts
both on campus and around the