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  • Personal Reflections on Immigration, Integration and Dislocation
  • Literatur, Social Activity, Workshop

Welcome to our new DAI Writing Center – a uniquely creative and collaborative space for people of different ages, stages, and walks of life to write their stories, novels,  poems, movie scripts etc. while benefiting from feedback and companionship from other writers.

The DAI Writing Center offers classes and workshops (in collaboration with our DAI Language School ) on different literary genres – to give aspiring writers the tools and confidence to get started. We also host reading series, invite accomplished writers to share feedback to those getting started, organize focused writing sessions, and encourage participants to join our annual writing contests including the DAI Novel Prize for debut work.

First workshop:  Writers without Borders – Personal Reflections on Immigration, Integration and Dislocation

In the context of refugee crises, with millions of people being dislocated as a result of conflicts and ecological disasters, the DAI Writing Center invites anyone who likes to write at our library to examine the complexities of exile and diaspora. What does it mean to be uprooted from one’s home? How can border-crossing transform one’s sense of belonging? Could one feel at home in multiple places?

Discussion sessions examine the writings of Jhumpa Lahiri, Hannah Arendt, Edward W. Said and André Aciman to challenge participants to consider new ways of thinking about exile, belonging, and loss.

Contact:  sergio.mukherjee@dai-heidelberg.de

Please register ahead of time.

Age: 18+ years

Cost: 25€ per Session

Min. 5 participants