WonderSpark Puppets

  • New York City Puppet Show in Heidelberg
  • Kinderprogramm, Workshop

Join us for the visit of WonderSpark Puppets from New York! WonderSpark Puppets is a New York City based puppet theater company. Chad Williams and Z Briggs bring joy to children and their families and spark imagination. They perform on international stages and bring original productions and puppetry workshops to festivals in Thailand and Taiwan.

At the DAI WonderSpark Puppets will present plays in their own puppet theatre which they take from New York.

Chad Williams is Co-Artistic Director of WonderSpark Puppets. He has written, directed, and performed over 15 solo puppet plays for family audiences with hundreds of performances every year. He is a recognized master of hand puppetry and has trained puppeteers, teachers, actors, therapists, and others all over the world.

Lindsey “Z” Briggs is Co-artistic director of WonderSpark Puppets with her husband Chad performing puppet theater shows and offering puppetry workshops throughout NYC and beyond. She is also the Foundation Manager of the Jim Henson Foundation and participates in various Sesame Street formats.

11 a.m.
– Puppet show “Mystery Max”
3 p.m. – Puppet combat and classic gags – workshop on Puppet/figure-building moving into improvised play (for families)
5 p.m. – Puppet show “Mystery Max”

Language: English
Age: 4 – 10 years, parents are welcome
Registration: jutta.wagner@dai-heidelberg.de

Puppet performance: children 5 Euros / adults 7 Euros
Workshop fee: 15 Euros per person (material included)