Somatic meditation – becoming one with your body

  • A half-day workshop exploring meditation exercises from Tibetan yoga
  • Josh Gale
  • Workshop, Yoga

Somatic meditation is about working with the body as the foundation of meditation practice. Rather than a mental and spiritual orientation towards meditation, somatic meditation is a bottom-up approach in which the body is key. With a combination of somatic meditation and yoga, we can open our awareness and experience the wisdom and intelligence of the body. The body and mind unify, give us a clarity and joy. During this half-day workshop we will explore meditation exercises from Tibetan yoga while lying, sitting and moving.

About the teacher:
Josh Gale is from Auckland, New Zealand and began practicing bhakti yoga in 2002. In 2006, Josh completed his first yoga teacher training course, and ten years later he completed another one, this time focused on a Buddhist mindfulness approach to yoga. He is also a certified mindfulness teacher.

Please bring your own yoga mat and a cushion for meditation.

Registration is required, please send an email by Thursday, July 25:

Costs: 35 Euro // 30 Euro for DAI-members
Language: English

The workshop ends at 5:30 pm.