Sharing the Sacred Lakota Traditions

DAI - Großer Saal

  • Discovering the Plains Indians Vol. IV
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Sacred Lakota Traditions and their metaphysical ramifications will be presented in a slideshow and lecture format in English.

Arthur Amiotte, Lakota artist, lecturer and ethnologist will be here to present many of the sacred traditions of the Lakota people. His discussion will focus primarily on the metaphysical ramifications of Lakota tradition, drawing upon his extensive background as an artist, researcher and scholar.
Specific topics to be addressed by Mr. Amiotte will include the significance of the Lakota medicine wheel which represents all the attributes of the four directions and the four cardinal values; the significance of dress in Lakota culture particularly focusing on dress design with its various symbolic meanings. Also, the spiritual and symbolic importance of animals will be discussed.
Mr. Amiotte is a prominent and deeply respected Lakota artist well known for his wide-ranging abilities in the world of Native American art, culture and heritage. He serves on many museum boards and has literally lectured all over the world.
Currently, an exhibit developed by Mr. Amiotte is being held at Das Museum der Weltkulturen in Frankfurt/Main.