Art Explorers – Journey through art history

DAI - Bibliothek

  • Kinderprogramm, Social Activity, Workshop

Our Art Explorer course is an exciting journey through art history that gives children ages 8 to 12 the opportunity not only to learn a lot about art, techniques, and history, but also to nourish their own creativity.  

From cave paintings from over 30.000 years ago to the modern art we see today – we embrace a hands-on approach to learning with a focus on self-expression by engaging with the work of different artists each week.   

We talk about color, composition, creativity, the proper use of materials, and the clean-up process. The kids create a piece inspired by the artist of the week, but in their own style and with their own personality and creativity. This program is a collaboration with the DAI Language School.   


Please register your child ahead of time. Max. 10 participants.   

Dates: weekly from January 8th onwards 

Every Monday, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.  

Language: English  

Course fee: 20 € per session.