Ready to Kill

  • Lamya Kaddor
  • Why German young people are joining the Jihad

Over 500 German Jihadists, the youngest of whom is aged only 13, have already travelled to war regions. It is primarily the brutal militant terror group, ISIS, which these young people join in order to serve as, “God’s warriors”; this whilst their friends back in Germany complete their school leaving exams. The efforts of radical Islamist groups to recruit new members from the German youth seem to be having a fair deal of success.

Lamya Kaddor describes the situation of today’s “orientation-less” youth. She explains what we can, and must, do in order to prevent the radicalisation of our children.

Lamya Kaddor, born in 1978 and the daughter of Syrian immigrants, is an Islamic scholar and religious teacher. Her published works include the book, “Muslim, female, German – My life for a modern Islam” (Muslimisch, weiblich, deutsch – Mein Leben für einen zeitgemäßen Islam.)

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