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  • Therapy between medication and method
  • Geist Heidelberg, In dialogue

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What heals the psyche? Do substances in the brain help to guide experience and behavior into regular channels, or is it the professional conversation and the therapeutic relationship? At the latest since the disillusionment of brain research, psychotropic drugs are no longer a patent solution.
Systemic therapy expands the spectrum of treatment forms.
How much method is possible, how much medication necessary?

Prof. Ulrich Hegerl
, psychiatrist and chairman of the German Depression Aid, University of Frankfurt.
Prof. Peter Kirsch, clinical psychologist and neuroscientist, ZI Mannheim
Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Head of the Milton-Erickson-Institute, Director of the sysTelios Private Clinic, Heidelberg and Wald-Michelbach

Moderation: Dorothea Siegle (Editor-in-Chief, Psychologie Heute)

In the context of the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg

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