Yascha Mounk

  • In the age of identity
  • The rise of a dangerous idea
  • Lecture

For much of history, people have been oppressed because of their ethnicity, religion or gender. Members of these groups eventually relied on their own sense of identity to defy these injustices. However, the once healthy appreciation of one’s own identity has turned into a counterproductive obsession: The call for a society in which almost everything revolves around these rigid categories fuels polarization as well as the general suspicion of cultural appropriation and fosters “racial segregation”. Yascha Mounk analyzes the developments and explores the question of how humanistic values and measures can lead to a just society.

Yascha Mounk, born in Munich in 1982, is a political scientist and teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He writes for the New York Times, Atlantic and Die Zeit, where he is a member of the editorial board.

Foto: Beowulf Sheehan

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