Wolf Singer & Hannah Monyer

  • The secret of our memory
  • The surprising results of neuroscientific memory research

As early as 2002, the neurophysiologist and brain researcher Wolf Singer confronted the science of history with the insight that “remembering is always accompanied by rewriting”.

What is the significance of the past in the light of research on the “dynamics of memory”? That is, “when we bring up a memory, we re-evaluate it and it is changed,” according to Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer, Director of the Department of Clinical Neurobiology at Heidelberg University Hospital.

Against this background, how reliable are testimonies? Does knowledge about the function of memory also enable new therapeutic approaches for overcoming the power of negative memories?

These are the questions addressed by two of the world’s most important neuroscientists.

Discussion and moderation: Manfred Osten

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