Wind and word

  • Lecture, panel discussion and public dialog on wind power in the forest
  • In dialogue

The expansion of wind energy is a key building block for the future of a climate-friendly energy supply in Heidelberg and the surrounding area. The topic has been highly topical in Heidelberg at the latest since the state’s plans to erect wind turbines on the Lammerskopf.

It is desirable that wind energy projects are implemented effectively, with the participation of citizens and in an environmentally friendly manner. How climate protection and species conservation can be reconciled in wind energy projects is a central question that experts will discuss at the wind energy panel at the DAI.

The speakers will provide well-founded information and shed light on the topic from (energy) political, economic and scientific perspectives. The presentations will focus on critical questions and specific challenges of wind energy in forests. This will be followed by a joint discussion with the audience and experts, which will provide an opportunity for exchange and questions.


Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, Climate Mayor of the City of Heidelberg, will explain why Heidelberg cannot do without wind energy, why the municipality must make its contribution to the energy transition – and that both are possible: wind turbines and species protection.

Andreas Markowsky is the founder and managing director of Ökostromgruppe Freiburg. Thanks to his experience as a project developer for wind turbines in the Black Forest, he has extensive knowledge of the complex processes and hurdles involved in applying for and implementing wind energy projects.

Dr.-Ing. Amany von Oehsen is an environmental consultant for BUND Heidelberg and worked for four years at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology. She represents BUND Heidelberg on the Lammerskopf Advisory Board and is intensively involved with the connections between wind energy expansion and nature conservation.

Nicolai Ferchl: As a board member of the Heidelberg Energy Cooperative, he sees many opportunities in a wind farm – for him, it is particularly important how citizens in Heidelberg can be involved and thus benefit from a wind farm.

Nila Gengatharan is a geography student from Heidelberg, works at HEG and is currently writing her master’s thesis on “Nature conservation vs. climate protection” using the example of a community wind farm project. She will be moderating the event.

In cooperation with the Heidelberg Energy Cooperative. HEG is part of a local project community that is working to realize wind power projects in the region.

Foto: Ökostromgruppe

Admission is free.