Wilhelm Reichart

  • You live wrong! A philosophical provocation
  • Literature

The fact that people in the major industrialized nations are destroying the planet’s ecosystem and with it their own habitat with their lifestyle is confirmed anew every day. But what kind of lifestyle would be one that would not ruin nature? And wouldn’t this other way of life also be more in keeping with man himself? These are questions that Wilhelm Reichart addresses in his new book Du lebst falsch! Eine philosophische Provokation (Fall 2023) subjects to philosophical analysis.

Wilhelm Reichart is a consultant in his own philosophical practice in Heidelberg and author of Vom freien Menschen – Fünf philosophische Reden (2018).

All are invited to actively contribute their position in the discussion that will follow. If you would like to join the philosophical dialogue on stage after the lecture, please register at: jutta.wagner@dai-heidelberg.de.

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