Why don’t I do what I want?

  • From the pursuit of happiness, meaning and self-determination
  • Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schnell in conversation with Dorothea Siegle
  • In dialogue

The event will take place exclusively online in the free YouTube livestream. Questions and discussion contributions can be submitted in the live chat of the event or gladly in advance via email to info@dai-heidelberg.de.
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Sometimes we feel prevented from self-actualization, even though we have everything we need. Sometimes we rival others, even though we don’t want to. Sometimes we drink too much alcohol, although we know that this is not good.

In the corona crisis, many questions become even more acute:
How does the crisis change our sense of self-determination? Does our ability to deal with critical or complex situations diminish? And what role do others play in this?
A conversation about meaning and self-determination, about renunciation and community.

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schnell studied psychology, theology and philosophy in Göttingen, London, Heidelberg and Cambridge/UK and researches existential topics such as meaning of life, worldview, dealing with suffering and mortality and their practical significance for individuals, organizations and society. In addition to numerous international publications, including Psychology of the Meaning of Life (Springer, 2020), she is co-editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies.

Moderation and discussion: Dorothea Siegle (Editor-in-Chief, Psychologie Heute).

In cooperation with Psychologie Heute.


Free online event