What is robot ethics?

  • The engineered human - the human technology? Part II
  • Janina Loh
  • Lecture

Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled at short notice for health reasons. We will try to reschedule the event as soon as possible.

In this lecture, the philosophical discipline of robot ethics will be introduced on the basis of its three fields of work and the ethical questions that arise there. Among other things, we will consider the extent to which robots themselves can act morally, whether we have to behave morally towards them in a specific way, and why the image of humanity underlying our ethical thinking is problematic. Some areas of robotics will be examined in more detail, including an excursus on superintelligence.

Janina Loh, who holds a PhD in philosophy, teaches and conducts research at the University of Vienna. She authored the first German introduction to posthumanism and transhumanism as well as an introduction to robot ethics (2019).

With follow-up discussion on “The Engineered Human – Human Technology?”

In the series Praktisch Philosophie?


Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled. We will try to find an alternative date, which we will announce in time.

Admission is free.